Thursday, July 11, 2013

Second Letter from Sammy - July 11, 2013

On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 3:03 PM, Samuel Merrill <> wrote:

The MTC is awesome, thanks for all your great advice and all the support and love from everyone back home. My time at the MTC, although short, has been one of my greatest growing experiences thus far. I can't believe a week's already gone by. It really is true what they say here that the days pass like weeks and the weeks pass like days. I don't know if I've already told you, but we have the largest Marshallese speaking district in the history of the church (16). District E. We're all so close and I couldn't have asked for better/funnier guys to spend my time with here at the MTC. We were like family after only 2 days. It's crazy how friendly and nice you become once you put the Lord first and yourself second. The gift of tongues truly is a gift from God. I learned more Marshallese in two days than I did German in two years.
The devotionals are awesome. Our devotional Sunday night was so good. Brother Durrant spoke on how as a representative of Christ you have nothing to be afraid of. We have a commission from Christ and it is Him that we are directly representing. He also talked about the importance of being bold. He explained how bold is not loud, but sincere. He told us to all say "bold" boldly. Everyone screamed BOLD! But he preceded to say that he had tricked us. Then he told us to listen to him as he looked the audience straight in the eye, and confidently exclaimed "bold". It was eye opening to me to know that I don't have to be the bravest missionary, and that even the shyest of people, when strengthened by the Lord, can become some of the greatest missionaries.
Sorry I can't send any pictures right now, the bookstore is all out of adapters needed to upload pictures, but I'll try next week. Also anyone who feels so inclined can send me food, letters, pictures, food, love, pray for me, send me food... I have more time to write letters than send emails so that'd be preferred, but whatever works! I love and miss everyone.


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