Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sammy Becomes a Missionary...

So after months of anxiously waiting, the time finally comes for Sammy to become a missionary.  The family, including Grandpa Sam went with Sammy to meet with President Nilson, where he was set apart as a missionary.

Then we went back to our house where lots of friends came by to say their goodbyes.

Next morning (July 3) Sammy finishes packing, says goodbye to Grandma Bonnie and we head out to the MTC.  

Quick stop at Cubby's for a final lunch together and pic with our favorite home teacher, Cubby James...

Had to do a quick drive up to Wymount Terrace, where Sammy first lived as a baby

Then over to the Provo Temple for some pics and family goodbyes

Then down to the MTC to drop Sammy off. 

 And the adventure begins...

Pics from Sammy's last night thru Entering the MTC

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