Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 7 - Missions 'n stuff

Iakwe aolep armej!
This week was just a lot of work. We got two new with dates! They're hopefully set for baptism on the 26th. They're parents want to be baptized too, but are having a hard time coming up with the money to buy a marriage license. It's crazy how little people have here, but how happy they are at the same time.
We also found this lady who wants to be baptized so bad, but her husband won't marry her. There's a lot to do here, which probably explains why we have 10 missionaries in our ward.
Also teaching Marshallese people is difficult because they have some of the smallest attention spans I've ever seen. We have to teach things really fast and really simple, which is hard sometimes with a companion who is still learning English and doesn't know a word of Marshallese. But I figured out the best way to teach them is with object lessons. I'm kind of an object lesson freak. But it's fun for me, fun for them, and keeps them interested.
We also had the opportunity to teach primary this week. Because it was the 5th sunday, they had 2 sets of missionaries teach primary. They actually, for the most part, paid better attention than our investigators (as long as we kept them busy) I played piano and we sung songs almost the entire class. Then I, of course, showed them an object lesson. We lit a tea bag on fire and when the black part flew up at the end we said that's what happened to your spirit after you die, it goes up to the spirit world. They. Freaked. Out.
The kids here are awesome. Whenever we're tracting, we'll get swarmed by kids asking for "pictures of Jesus" We probably go through 40 cards a week. And after I pass them out the kids all come and hug my legs.
This morning we woke up at 4 and went and hiked Koko Head. It's this big mountain that used to have a military base at the top. The trail is an abandoned cart track with like over 1000 railroad ties. It took forever and everyone was dead, but we got to the top in time to see the sunrise and it was awesome.
Love you all! Kojparok wot!
kon iakwe,
Elder Merrill

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