Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 3 in Paradise

There was a lot that happened this week. My mom (trainer's companion before you) finally left the house. Good news is I finally have a bed! My mom was kind of unorganized so we spent like 7 hours cleaning up his mess. We also got new missionaries, so I'm not the youngest one in my zone anymore!
A couple of days ago we were sitting in the tab (our church building. Look up lds tabernacle beretania st Hawaii if you have time. It's awesome) I was practicing piano for a baptism. Some Korean guy walked in and started shooting off sentences in Korean. Long story short, I calmed him down, found out what he wanted, and also found out he was baptized in Seoul by Jake Westbrook! It was crazy. He started showing me pictures of the missionaries that baptized him and I saw a picture of Jake.
Anyway, we have two baptisms this Saturday! They're cousins, Eddie and Rally. They're both Marshallese and these are my first two baptisms! I found out our mission is one of the highest baptizing missions in the world!
I also found out I like brown people a lot more than white people, at least here. (sorry to all my white friends and relatives that read this) White people are mean, but Micronesians always let us in and offer us food, even though we don't know them.
Also all the kids have in their minds that all missionaries know magic tricks. So if anyone knows any good street magic tricks, just let me know. I found out my badge can double as a whistle. Finally figured out after ten minutes why these kids were spitting into my badge...
I've never had spam before I came here, now I eat it all the time. We have spam, rice, and ketchup as a member dinner at least twice a week. The weirdest thing I've been fed so far is probably turkey tail. Also I've never been to a member dinner with an actual table, so we always sit cross-legged and I'm developing these really weird calluses on my ankles.
My companion is from Kiribati if you don't already know. He's super fob, but he's really cool. We have lots of fun together for sure. He throws lizards at me, then I'll make fun of him in Marshallese.
I'm loving it so far! I'll start looking for miracles to tell you guys about later.

Ij iakwe kom!
Love, Elder Merrill

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