Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 5 - Ewor ta?

Aloooooha everyone!
I hope all is well back home. Things in Hawaii are going great! Elder Ukenio and I have been working super hard this past week trying to find new investigators. So we've been tracting A LOT! Our mission president asked that every missionary tracts for 2 hours every day. It's hard, but it's actually been a big help. When our mission tracts we do the blessing approach.
1. We knock on the door
2. State we are representatives of Jesus Christ and ask if we can come in and leave a blessing of his peace and love in the home
3. Pray (duh)
4. Ask how they felt during the prayer and help them recognize the spirit
5. Commit to baptism.
Yeah that fast. It's really crazy, but I guess the spirit really works on some people and we have a surprising success rate.
It's been mostly work, work, work this week. I see a rainbow every day so...that's tight. I also got hit by a bird at McDonalds. I was just chilling, eating my McNuggets when out of nowhere a bird flying at at least 150 mph flew straight into the window. I guess it was super dazed and confused, and physics didn't apply, because it somehow bounced off and flew at me even faster! It hit me in the head, so I showed it what's up and karate chopped it straight out of the sky. I guess the Asian in me was just really flowing.
But nothing compared to the spiritual bird that flew into my heart? That was a really bad reference to the Holy Ghost...just forget it. But I read a really good article in the Ensign about Christ's words in D&C. Some really good verses in it that I liked are 88:50, 63, 67. They talk about how Christ is the true light in us and how when our eye is single to His glory, we are filled with His light, and that no darkness can be in us. Then it says that a body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things. I likened that to how we have a promise that if we seek to declare the word of God, our mouths will be filled and the Holy Ghost will speak for us.
Anyway it's probably starting to get cold back in Utah. That sucks cause the weather's perfect here...
Ij iakwe kom!
Love, Elder Merrill

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