Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 52 - Hurricane Survivor

HUGE HURRICANE THIS WEEK!!! least there was supposed to be, but I guess it never came? Some of you might have heard the news of the hurricanes that were supposed to hit Hawaii. People boarded up their windows and sand bagged their doors, they even had all the missionaries stay inside all day as a safety precaution, but the storm never really hit hard here on Oahu. Honestly I was kind of disappointed because I was planning on some John Groberg level stuff, like saving kids from houses being torn apart. But life goes on as usual. The only effect the storm had was delaying our baptism. We had Simba set to be baptized this past Thursday, but due to the storm, they cancelled all church activities Thursday night and Friday, meaning his baptism had to be pushed back. But he's set for baptism this Thursday and everything looks like it should go smooth with that.
We actually kind of had a miracle this past week with him. It was the day of his baptismal interview, and before he could get interviewed his parents had to sign the baptismal record saying that they gave permission for him to be baptized because he's only 17. We thought his dad was a less-active member, but apparently neither of his parents are members and his dad doesn't like church, especially our church. He told us that as we were heading to his house so our hopes were basically dashed to pieces. All I could think was here was another kid I've worked with that wanted so badly to be baptized, but would be held back because of his parents. He said he wanted to talk to his dad alone, so we waited in the car. As he got out, I told him everything would be alright. As long as he trusted in God it would all work out. We said a prayer while we were waiting that Simba would have the courage to say what his dad needed to hear, and that his dad's heart would be softened to allow him to sign the baptismal record. After that prayer, I had this overwhelming witness from the spirit assuring me that everything would be ok. And it was! A few minutes later he came back to the car smiling and showed us his dad's signature at the bottom of the paper. He said his dad even congratulated him on his decision to be baptized and might come to the baptism!
They don't call me Elder Merricle for nothing;)
Love you guys and hope you have a great, hurricane-free, week!
Love, Elder Merrill

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