Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 45 - Worked to Death

Iakwe and Aloha everyone!
This week has been really crazy. Covering the island and another area can definitely get overwhelming at times. There's so much to be done and I'm so excited to see everything progressing and moving forward! We've been taking a member who's preparing for his mission out with us almost every day. It's really good for him and for us. He helps a lot and knows most of the people we're teaching.
The main person we're focusing on right now is Mere. She was supposed to be baptized last week before the other two elders got transferred, but her family couldn't make it to the baptism, plus she has an anti-mormon auntie who's threatening to kick them out if she gets baptized. But she's not scared and told us she still wants to be baptized. She's super solid and has already had all of the lessons, so we're planning on setting a date this week and hopefully she'll be baptized next week!
We're also working with this kid Simba. He told us he wants to change his life, and has come to church the past three weeks. We asked him why he randomly started coming to church, and he told us because he'd seen some of his friends change their lives and become good kids when they started going to Mormon church, and he wanted that same thing for him. We've only had one lesson with him so far, but he already wants to be baptized, and he wants his whole family to come to church so they can be baptized too!
And we're still working with most of our same investigators. The biggest problem that most of them have is church attendance. They either live too far away and don't have a way to get to church, they're busy on sundays with work or other things, or they just go to a different church.
We worked really hard this past week, trying to see and teach as many people as we could. And hope to do the same thing this week. Every day when we get home we plan, then pass out because we're both so exhausted. After coming with us for a couple days, the member, Lani, told us how he was surprised at how tiring missionary work is. He asked us how we could keep going when we were so tired and when there's so many things to get disappointed about. We just told him because it's all worth it. We're not doing what we're doing for us, and it's not our work. When you think of it as doing all you can to help the Lord out, everything just seems easier.
Love you all!
-Elder Sammy Merrill

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