Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 40 - Just another week in paradise

Aloha everyone!
So this week we definitely made progress in our work compared to the depressing news of last week. We sat down and had a good talk with VinVin about how if he didn't want to be baptized, that we didn't want to keep driving down and waste our time and his. At the end, he told us he still wanted to be baptized and would do better with the lessons and coming to church.
We also committed my companion's soon to be cousin in law to a marriage and baptism date. It's kind of weird having a companion from Hawaii, especially one who's Marshallese because he either knows, or is related to almost everyone we talk to. So we've been working with his cousin's boyfriend. She is pregnant and they've been living together, so this past week we sat down with them and their parents and discussed marriage and baptism. The parents gave their consent so we're planning on marrying and baptizing them on the same day this coming month!
We also found new investigators that seem very promising so things are really looking up in our area.
And as for a spiritual thought, we just got our conference ensign issues this past week which is like Christmas all over again to missionaries. So I was reading through the conference talks again and came across Elder Uchtdorf's talk from priesthood session. He shared the story of Rip Van Winkle and how he slept through the American Revolution, one of the most exciting and monumental times in the world's history. He then likened it to the Restoration of the gospel and urged us not to "sleep through the restoration" which is the most exciting time in the history of the world. We are so blessed to be born into this time, where the gospel, with all of its' powers and ordinances have been restored to the earth, and it's all for us! I hope we all recognize the significance of that and do all that we can to be active in this restoration, rather than sleeping through it.
I love you all and thanks for all that you do for me!
-Elder Merrill

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