Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 28 - Aloooooha

Aloha everyone! Howzit?
I'm loving my new area and my companion and I are working hard! It really helps having a Marshallese companion, and the people love it when I speak the language. I'll start speaking, and they'll say "Oh! kwolukkuun jela!" which means Oh you really know! (how to speak Marshallese) Then I'll tell them you too! And they'll laugh. I love the Marshallese people because they're so easy-going and they love to joke around just like me! All of the Islanders are so loving! For the most part they don't have that much, but they give everything that they have to the missionaries!
We set a baptismal date with a new boy for next week. He'd been investigating the church for a while and didn't get baptized when his parents did. Missionaries had tried for a long time, and my second lesson with him we got him to tell us all of his concerns which he wouldn't tell any missionaries before. His main concern was that he was worried that he would have to pay for being baptized. It was the smallest thing that was keeping him from being baptized and he was too scared to tell anyone.
Getting him to tell us his concerns really bore witness to me about how every missionary is in every area for a reason. I know that I'm supposed to be here and it reminds me of the story I read at my farewell talk about finding people you promised you would find in the premortal life. 
I also learned how important it is to follow the promptings of the spirit. Looking back on that teaching appointment, I can't remember some of the things that I said, so I know that I was just being a mouth-piece for the spirit. As long as we're in tune with the spirit God has promised us that it will be given us in the very moment that which we need to say. I know that following the spirit is key and there's a quote from an apostle that says this work can't move forward without the spirit. Without it, there would be no progress. It truly is a great gift that Heavenly Father has given us. His own spirit to lead and guide us.
I hope you all continue to stay in tune with the spirit over the course of this next week!
-Elder Merrill

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