Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 11 - Hi from HI

Wow. missionary work. If you're wondering why I didn't email last week, it's because I was crazy busy. If you didn't notice...thanks for nothing:)
A bunch of just small random things happened this week. Our car got towed, I saw a homeless guy strip down on a corner, almost ran over a prostitute, got a black eye, and had our baptism cancelled. The other stuff doesn't really matter, but with the baptism, we had this kid who was so solid for baptism. He understood everything, wanted to be baptized, and was gonna go to the temple the week after. We had a date and time set, and even had the programs made, and he called us the night before and said his mom wouldn't let him be sucked but we're hopefully gonna baptize him in  a few more weeks!
Also this saturday we're baptizing a whole basketball team! I'm not sure if I've talked about the basketball coach who's leaving on a mission next week, but there's this kid who coaches a basketball team of middle-high school kids and he brought them all to church one day. We've been helping out with their practices and teaching them all the lessons. We have like 10 baptisms planned for this saturday from the team so he can baptize most of his team before he leaves!
We've been working hard and have like 20 baptisms for our ward planned this month! 
The Marshallese people are awesome, and the language is actually coming along a lot better ever since we started language studying with some of the Marshallese members in our ward.

Love everyone! Bye!

This last p-day we did a hike to a light house. Here's a picture

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